Overview of the Taupo Rivers for July 2015

Shane French /

July 22, 2015

Hey all.

The majority of the updates have been completed for the web site. You can now login and post on any of my reports, like a forum. The overall web site is even more user friendly with iPads and mobile Phones, it should load faster and be cleaner. We have added tags as well for in case you want to see the main points of a past post. The shop is easier to use as well. Coming soon I will have an app attached to the site for you to download and get on the spot information when I am out and about. I hope you enjoy the new look and feel of the web site so far.


Yesterday we walked the Tauranga Taupo for a few hours. The wind was always going to be a problem and so we ended up finding a sheltered bend and fished that hard for a wee while. Steven hooked up pretty much straight away and I pulled a few myself. As anyone who has been guided by myself will know, I like to use weight when the river is high. I believe in getting down to the trout over winter as they are not necessarily looking up for their food. Yesterday was a classic example. There was a deep hole behind a large overhanging tree, the hole was about 15 feet long then it shallowed out. There had to be trout sitting in there tucked up nice and close to the tree. Steven was using my Hardy 6# with a Big Boys Bomb as the dropper. This normally gets down in most places especially if you have a long enough drift possible. He managed to get it right under the tree but I didn’t think we were getting down fast enough before it shallowed out. he still isn’t the best when it comes to throwing weight and so I sent him further up the straight and took over. I added a large piece of split shot above my dropper and lobed it in. Whack, first cast and I was in. Then over the next 30 minutes I took another 5 trout from the same piece of deep water. Weight works!


The Hinemaiaia fired for Paul yesterday as well. He went in there armed with my Green Bead Reapers and took two beautiful trout for the table including a huge Hen that looked like it would have pushed the scales to 6 pounds. There seems to be a never ending supply of trout from the Hine!

A client of mine that I hadn’t hear of in quite some time fished the Waitahanui yesterday with my Red Raptor and the Big Boys Bomb. He managed to take trout from the cliff pool all the way through to Gordon Williams. It seems the Waitahanui has had a decent run go through. He expected to see a few anglers on this wonderful piece of water but to his surprise and pleasure he had it all to himself. I have to agree with him, the Waitahanui really doesn’t get the pressure that the other rivers get due to its past history but to be honest it is as safe as any of them. He landed a 10+ brown trout in the Middle reaches that he had to follow down for over three hundred meters, he just couldn’t get it to the shore. He said an hour later he was still smiling and his heart was still racing. There are some very solid, silver Brown Trout coming into the Nui at the moment. I see that the Waitahanui Rip broke through half way down the straight. I was talking to a friend of mine and he believed that it had been dug out to help mother nature bust through. Not sure about that but the end result its that the rip is now going out closer to the bridge than it was before.

I am guiding all next week so I will be on the rivers and will report next week on what is going on then.

Be safe on the water.

Regards Shane


  • Shane French

    So what are your thoughts about using weight in the Taupo fishery?

  • craig lower

    well it gets the job done,especially with all the rain we have had this winter