Report for 04th May 2007

Shane French /

May 4, 2007

Brilliant water on the HinemaiaiaHey all,

I drove over the hill to the Hinemaiaia this afternoon getting there bang on 12.00 pm. I decided to fish the middle water as a friend had a good day on the lower section yesterday. I was into them on my second cast and although not a big fish it certainly fought like one. The water volume was perfect with great colour as well. I must have picked up six fresh fish in the space of two hundred meters. They all ranged from three to three and a half pounds but were excellent fun on my new 7 weight rod.

fiesty three pounder with Glo Bug comboAll the fish took a Champagne Red Dot Glo Bug today and man did some of them smash it!!! Don’t you just love it when the indicator makes a popping sound as it is yanked under the water or when it moves three feet sideways as it is snatched and taken off with.

Some of the best water in Taupo!!For anyone who has not fished the Hinemaiaia , it is one of the most scenic of all the Taupo tributaries, with deep runs and plenty of riffly water. There are a few snags in this one and so a sensible approach is needed as you choose the water to fish. Like all taupo rivers getting down to the fish is important but too much weight will see you loosing heaps of gear, (you can come into my shop then). When this river fires it is like nothing else, the best fishing I have ever had has been on the Hinemaiaia. Just a brilliant place to be.

Another beautiful Sun Set at the Waitahanui lodgeThe Waitahanui is still a little harder than the other Rivers. Two wet liners who fished it today pulled out a few between them and saw a few being carried away so they are in there. I can’t wait for some wind though!! We have been having the most amazing Sun Sets at the moment. Lesley snapped this shot of a tree with the sun setting on it!

Take care while driving over the weekend, we still have a few cabins left this weekend for fisherman at the rate of $55.00 per double

Regards Shane