Report For 07-April-2007

Shane French /

April 7, 2007

Bradley with the first fish of the day and his first Trout on Fly rodI was on the Waitahanui with Bradley and his Dad this afternoon. We started off low and walked up to the cliff Pool. Although they had fished with a fly rod before they wanted a few pointers and were keen to hook up onto a fresh Waitahanui Trout. In all my years fishing I have never come across such keen fisherman as Bradley. He took everything I said on board and really tried to get the drifts and water loading down pat.

4.5 pound Hen taken in Poi’s poolThere were a few fish in this section of river although angling pressure was high. We fished to a huge Trout in Poi’s for over twenty minutes before this smaller 4.5 pounder took a Dutch CDC in size 14. These flies have taken a few of my Trout over the past few days and would be a good option to have in your fly box.

Releasing a Good hen for another dayWe put back everything caught today as Bradley wanted to Catch and release, taking a photo was good enough for him.There are certainly fish in the System at the moment.

Both the Waitahanui and Hinemaiaia rips are fishing well at the moment .

Take care out there.

Regards Shane