Report for 10/04/2007

Shane French /

April 10, 2007

dscf0935.JPGHi there, I hope everyone had a safe Easter.

The picture is of two keen wet liners who fished one day over the break. These guy’s know the Waitahanui as well as anyone and pick up fish on a regular bassis using big Green Wooley Buggers. They managed their limit with some very nice fish and released a few back as well.

Two anglers came into the shop yesterday and asked what was working so I sold them a few Glo Bugs and a couple of Dutch CDC Nymphs. They were back into the shop two hours later and bought me out of the CDC’s saying they were the only fly working for them!! Great to be of help.

The Waitahanui fished a little harder yesterday according to all who came through the shop. There are some very big fish in there but with all the pressure over the weekend the Trout are extremely spooky. Take your time with the approach to the pools and make those first few casts count. The Rip had a whole heap of pressure on it over the weekend as well due to the great weather, change of light as usuall produced the goods, however night time also saw a few taken.

There have been boats for AFrica out there over the past three days and with all the fish bought into me for smoking it seems the boaties are taking their fair share also, some fat little hens with great meat on them came through the shop this Easter. The usual Gold Ginger Micks, Silicon Smelt and Green Orbits taking fish on change of light. I must get out there myself for a little play.

The Tauranga Taupo needs a good deal of water to make things easier there. It is belowe .310 at the moment on the flow chart and this will make fishing HARD. A real slow approach to the water is needed at the moment. From all accounts it didn’t get the pressure of the other rivers and fish are still moving in.

From the weather forcast we are due some rain and wind this week and this might be what is needed to push some fresh runners into all the systems.

Take care on the water.

Regards Shane