Report for 11-04-2007

Shane French /

April 11, 2007

6 pound Brown Trout caught and released yesterday Lower reachesI shot out yesterday afternoon for a quick fish in the lower reaches. In One of my favourite pieces of water I pulled this great conditioned Brown Trout out. Man what a fight! It took a size 16 Dutch CDC, yes I know I am going on about those at the moment!!

Shane with great Jack, lower reaches.This morning I guided Shane and his Dad Blain for the day. We picked up three good fish in the lower pools before moving on up into the top pools. The Jack in the picture gave the most amazing fight I have ever seen from a four pounder. This thing just went mental. It was a guides worst nightmare to land, as it never stayed still or gave up the fight. This one took a Champagne Red dot Glo Bug in size 10.

dscf0336.JPGAfter picking up a few in the top pools we made our way back into the lower section to see if anything had moved in through the day. there were a few in there including this nice little freshie.

We have some wind at the moment and it looks like it is about to pour down, should be good around the place for this weekend.

Take care,

Regards Shane