report for 16th June 2007

Shane French /

June 16, 2007

Hey all,

Man I got the cold wintery weather that i have been harping on about for the past month. A high of 7 deg C today and an over night low of minus 2. We are due a little bit of the wet stuff later tonight as well but I bet it doesn’t amount to much.

The river to be on at the moment according to reports is the Tongariro. This river has been the savior of the Taupo winter fishery so far this season as all the other rivers have been considerably hard.

All the reports in from the Waitahanui are VERY hard. The rip as I have said is not in good nick and the river itself is extremely low and as always, clear.

I heard through the grape vine that the Hinemaiaia fished well this morning although I can’t vouch for this. There certainly must be some fish ready to move on this river. This fact and the cold morning, I can believe the report.

I am out and about tomorrow so will report in then.

Cuddle up close to the fire tonight, it is going to be another cold one.

Regards Shane