Report for 17th June 2007

Shane French /

June 18, 2007

Hey all

By the sound of it the Tongariro got a flogging all weekend, and there were plenty of unhappy anglers out there all doing the same thing and then complaining that there were no fish in the system. Stay away from the crowds in a situation like this, unless you are just showing a mate how to fish a lie. The Trout are going to be spooked or moved into quieter spots on the river and this is where you should be spending your time. Keep moving as well, cover the water as best as possible and don’t overlook that fast water, a few flicks through is all it takes. If you are not the fittest, turn your attention to the wet line, find a nice deep hole away from the crowds and slowly fish your fly back up towards you. I love the Tongariro but I don’t enjoy crowds!

The Tauranga Taupo again is low and clear. First thing in the morning is your best bet here. Fish the faster water in this river and fish it from below. I am always amazed to see people fishing a piece of water from the side, that is standing opposite the pool or lie, in low conditions when they can easily water load up into it from behind. It’s called stealth guy’s and if you want to be in the ten percent of fisherman who take trout in ALL conditions, then start thinking about things a little more.

The Hinemaiaia has had a bashing all weekend as well. The pool at the start of the river,(where the boats are mored) is producing some nice fish first thing in the morning as is the steps pool. Take your time through this river as the fish are there but due to heavy angling pressure it is a little tough.

The Waitahanui has not had a lot of pressure but is also somewhat hard at the moment. There are fish in the system and some of them are bloody huge as well. I tried to stop a fish going into a big snag yesterday afternoon and didn’t stand a chance. I was using my 8# Innovation and 8 pound Fluro as well. I didn’t get a good look at it but the weight was good. Keep moving in the Waitahanui, if you are not getting onto fish. They are in there!!

Take care out there

Regards Shane