Report for 20th June 2007

Shane French /

June 21, 2007

Hey all,

Tough on the Waitahanui at the moment in all sections. If you are catching fish count yourself lucky. Low water, clear conditions are not making things easy. The good news is that we have rain at the moment and are due a VERY good blow with it. There should be a heap of fish out there waiting to come in.

For all those readers who haven’t checked out the forum page, give it a go. We have some good topics on the go that have helped a few anglers out there, fishing the Taupo area. Click on some of the Google Adds as well. Some of these are really interesting.

I have also added another product review as well. This is a sinking leader, fantastic for the Tongariro and all those deep pools that nymphing just wont work on.

Regards Shane