Report For 22 April 2007

Shane French /

April 22, 2007

Hey All,Â

Well the fishing comp was great this weekend with a small turnout, but all being keen and very hard fishermen.

I have had some serious computer problems over the past three days culminating in a total failure this morning and due to this there won’t be any pics for the next few days, I appologise for this now.

The winning fish was won by Stephen, (there will be photos soon) who took it out with a 4.13 pound Hen. Great fish taken in a difficult pool to fish, well done. The overall fish tally weighed in was fairly low but only due to the anglers not taking spent or unworthy fish. All fish weighed in were in great condition.

The Waitahanui has a few good fish scattered throughout its system, if you are not getting onto them then move to a different section. First thing in the morning is best at the moment, as once that sun comes up it makes things a lot tougher, the water is low and clear.

The Hine also has fish in the system, they were in tight groups and all seem to be in the 4 to 5 pound range but silver little bullets and they fight all the way to the bank.

The TT is ridiculously low, but when this river gets some water it will be hard to beat!

The Tongariro fished well over the weekend and I thought the winning fish might have come from there, however the fish in this system are a little small, (on average). There are plenty of them and from all accounts the 3 pounders are fighting like 6 pounders!, like all the rivers very low. I wonder what the delta is fishing like as I would exspect a few to be building up out there.

Well thats about it for me, we are going to put the kids to bed early have a bottle or three of wine and watch some vids. A big thanks for all those readers dropping by the shop to say hello and to the many overseas emails we are getting, it is great to hear from you all.

 Tight lines to all

Regards Shane and LesleyÂ