Report for 22nd June 2007

Shane French /

June 22, 2007

Hey all,

I got my grotty weather that I have been harping on about for months. Rain, wind, snow the works, now all we need is the Trout to move into the Waitahanui.

The Tongariro got the hell run of Trout go through yesterday morning, with plenty taken in the lower reaches both Nymphing and on the wet line. It has a milky colour to it at the moment but when it clears it will be a great river to be on.

The level on the Tauranga Taupo has come up a little, but is still clear. It is raining in the hills at the moment so hopefully a run in this river will happen as well. The river mouth could be the place to have a flick after dark and first thing tomorrow morning as well. Lumo Scotch poachers should see you hooked up.

The Hinemaiaia has been getting a pounding from anglers over the past few days with a mixed bag of fish being landed. They still aren’t there in great numbers and some of them are fairly marginal fish to boot.

The Waitahanui Rip had a good group of fish come into it yesterday afternoon before the wind got up, bent rods everywhere. They came into the lower section and the boy’s around the Bridge and Delatours had a blast. By the sound of it most of these fish went up the Mangamutu stream. I shot into the Waitahanui lower section at 10.00am and never got a touch or saw a fish. Apparently there were a few pulled out first thing but had been quiet since then. They will come in with this weather I am sure of that.

Take care out there and welcome to all the new readers of Taupofishing .co, nice to have you on board.

Regards Shane