Report for 29th June 2007

Shane French /

June 29, 2007

Hey all,

I fished the Hinemaiaia Rip on change of light tonight with six other fisherman. I landed three fish two of which were recovering Jacks. The third a Hen was fat with eggs and so released. All took the dreaded multi coloured Heave and Leave fished on a very short trace.

We have a steady trickle of rain at the moment but it is meant to become heavy and blow from the North East.

I will get out a bit more tomorrow so will have a look at some of the rivers then.

We are still running the full day guide and two free nights accommodation for $450.00 for the entire school holidays.

Don’t forget to pick up your new seasons licence. This Sunday is the beginning of the new season. And yes we stock them!

Take care on the roads. Regards Shane