Report for 30th June 2007

Shane French /

June 30, 2007

Hey all

I got the rain that I have been wanting, and then some.

I fished the Waitahanui River this morning for one small Hen landed, everyone I spoke to on the water had suffered the same fate . I am sure the Waitahanui has some great fishing ahead this season, but to date it is the worst of the bunch.

I drove over the hill this afternoon with a friend and had a look at the Tongariro, (heavy brown water) and the Tauranga Taupo that was running high with small logs flowing down!! I see on the reading it went up FAST to 1.3, this is a crap load of water. The water at the mouth looked great with a strong flow and very clear water on the sides of the dirty stuff. Trout move up this clear water and dart in and out of the colored water grabbing food. A slow retrieve with a Bobby, heave and leave or LARGE Red Setter will see you hooked up here. Watch that drop off!!

The Hinemaiaia had 8 cars below the bridge,(thats EIGHT) but the water looked perfect with a lot of extra flow. With the other rivers further South blown out, this river got the pressure. The rip looked fantastic.

We are going to need a few days for the Tongariro and the TT to come down. The lake is still low and so the water should run off fast due to this. There should be good numbers of fish in all the rivers over the next few days. I have found that the bigger fish enter the Waitahanui and Hine under these conditions.

Good luck out there

Regards Shane