Report for 6th of June

Shane French /

June 6, 2007

Hey all

Spot the BrownieI was out on the water with Bert from the Hawks bay this morning. The objective was to fish most of the Tongariro’s lower section. After yesterdays very hard going I decided that bringing a sinking line with me might be a good idea. It was!! We managed to pick up two fish Nymphing down towards Reids but again it was tough going, casting was a little dodgy with the wind as well. There was plenty of angling pressure on this section of water with the majority of fisherman wet lining.

Nice Hen taken Wet lining, lower TongariroFrom there we drove down to the end of Grace road and fished the Bends up from Delatours. We Nymphed up and then swapped over to the wet Line using a Hydro Hustler. Wham! we were into fish straight away, in the water we had just fished with Nymphing gear, hmmmmmmm. The fish in the Photo was a lovely 5 pound Hen full of eggs. Bert is a Catch and release fisherman and so she was put back to spawn.

There are plenty of good fish in all the systems at the moment and we are due for some wet cold stuff from the South over the next four days. Bring it on I say.

Regards Shane