Report for 8th May 2007

Shane French /

May 8, 2007

Beautiful water on the Hinemaiaia.Hey all,

I have been fishing the Hinemaiaia over the past couple of days, both guiding and fishing it for myself. There was a good run of fish go through last week with the rain, the river rose and in they came. By Sunday it was fairly hard on the upper section. This water is truly beautiful to fish though and every cast hast the feel of a hook up happening.

Excellent stretch of water on the upper HinemaiaiaYesterday I guided a father and son from Wellington. Ralph and Kevin wanted to see for themselves the beauty of this water before it closes off at the end of the month, but were weary of the reputation of snags . We landed two and lost another two from the first pool of the morning and dropped another just up from there. That however was it except for a few strikes. The fish seem to have disappeared for the time being. Ralph on the last cast of the day had his favourite lucky indicator come off and start to float down the river. I being the keen guide that I am surged through the water to net it and promptly tripped over the snag I had been warning him of for the past five minutes. I now have an insurance claim for both my cell phone and camera. I did manage to net the indicator though. I am soooo glad the video camera wasn’t going!!!

The Waitahanui had a few fish in the lower section yesterday afternoon, all taking Glo Bugs.

The Tauranga Taupo apparently fished harder yesterdayn above the rock wall, but this river has had a fair thrashing.

The Tongariro has lots of fish in some of the pools. If you are not getting onto them I suggest you move, make sure you are touching the bottom though, no good moving if the fish are there but you are doing the wrong thing to get them!! Ross Baker from Tongariro River Motel has a great Web Site that goes into excellent detail on this piece of water. You can find him at check it out sometime.

Regards Shane