Report for 9th June 2007

Shane French /

June 9, 2007

Hey all,

Well I got the cold that I have been harking on about and the wind just hasn’t stopped for about 5 days now, but we still haven’t had enough rain to make any difference to the river levels. There are certainly fresh fish in all the rivers as of this morning, even the Hinemaiaia had a decent run of trout go through, some being big mothers as well. I passed by at 10.00am and there were 6 cars down from the bridge!!

The Waitahanui as you might expect with all this wind has fished well over the past few days and has some very good fish in the system from stories coming through the shop. Anglers are being busted off left right and center.

I was up early this morning and fished the Tauranga Taupo river mouth in moonlight. I landed two marginal fish and had two more strikes as well. man this has shallowed up something chronic. It needs the hell flush to get rid of all the sand and sediment that has settled due to the low flow.

From there i drove down to the Tongariro and wet lined the lower pools picking up good fish all the way down. If you haven’t given this a go I fully recommend it, this style is somewhat addictive. The fish hit hard and there is plenty of action at the moment. I forgot my camera so sorry no photo’s, I knocked on the head a nice Jack of about 5 pounds.

If you didn’t get here this weekend then sorry you missed out on some great fishing.

Regards Shane