Report for Friday the 27th of April 2007

Shane French /

April 27, 2007

Nice little Hen taken at the Hinemaiaia this afternoonI did my chores around the Lodge this morning then shot over to the Hinemaiaia and went in above the bridge picking up two nice fish in a short distance. This river like the Waitahanui has had a trickle of trout enter over the past week even under low conditions.

Lower reaches Tongariro riverFrom there I drove down to the Tongariro, (just to annoy Ross) and fished the lower reaches. God this is a beautiful river and FULL of fish. If you do the right things and put the good drifts in then the rewards are there.

Spot the indicator!!!I managed to get onto a good group of fish and pulled a few out in one pool, then walked up a bit further and desperately tried to hook up onto a group of HUGE Browns in a big deep slow moving pool that you had to roll cast into. I must have tried for almost an hour before hooking up on a monster of a fish. I knew that the fight was going to be one sided if I did hook up and it was. I managed a one hand photo shot as my indicator was dragged ruthlessly down stream at MAC 10.

Fresh Run Tongariro TroutI got onto another group of nice fish just up from here and pulled three good fresh fish out in as many casts.

The last fish of the day was a great fish and as I was after a nice one for the table gave it the last rights! There are plenty of fish in the system, (if I can catch them), I used a Red Smoots Bloody Marry and a size 16 red pheasant tail for most of the day, (red seemed to work). I did catch one on a Glo Bug at the end of the day as the cloud came over, but for the most part it was all on naturals. I needed a wee bit of split shot as well as this river defiantly has some flow to it. Give me the crossings on the Waitahanui any day of the year compared to this beast of a river, you need to get down to these fish!!

Take care on the roads this weekend and feel free to stop by the shop at any time.

Regards Shane