Report for June 15th 2007

Shane French /

June 15, 2007

Hey all,

Nice Fish on first lightI was up early and shot down to the Tauranga Taupo for a quick look see. Although the water level was not great I love fishing this River first thing in the morning and I have a few sneaky pieces of water not to far from the car park that hold fish on first light. first cast of the morning I put down a nice fish that looked like a Jack and then on the second I pulled this little beauty out.

dscf0380.JPGThe old Glo bugs first thing in the morning just can’t be beaten at the moment. There were one or two people about and they all looked like they were struggling! I have dropped back to 6 pound Fluro again and all my Glow Bugs are Small, this certainly helps. Then all you have to worry about is placement, drift and a wee bit of good luck. There are plenty of fish in the TT but they are not easy fish. Most of my fish that I hooked into this morning were taken within the first three casts. From there i drove down to the river mouth and put on a Heave and leave, taking this very nice jack for the Table. A perfect morning and home by 10.00am to work around the Lodge.

Take care out there and see you on the water.

Regards Shane