Report for June 28th 2007

Shane French /

June 28, 2007

Hey All,

Little chunker from the waitahanuiThere are a few fish in the Waitahanui at the moment. They are moving through quickly and are taking Glo Bugs of all colours. I guided Vern this morning and we picked up two fresh fish as we made our way up. Yesterday I fished the upper section and picked up six from the Pig pool through to Snag bend.

From there we shot over to the Hinemaiaia and got SKUNKED. What a contrast from last week. It is amazing what some wind and rain can do to the fishery.

One from the cliff pool.Vern had wanted to see the Tauranga Taupo and so we shot down there. The water level was around the .4 mark and clear! We managed to pick up four nice fish in the three hours on the water there. Two took naturals with the two on Glo Bugs. We used a longer leader than on the Waitahanui and I used the Rio Fluorocarbon Plus for leader.This stuff is super fine and I felt gave us a good edge on the fish. Other anglers on the water were complaining of few hook ups.

We are apparently going to get a good dose of rain over the next few days and this will certainly not go a miss on most of the rivers in Taupo, we certainly have the cold mornings at the moment with another -3 this morning.

Les and I have decided to extend the offer of a full days guiding and two nights FREE accommodation for the school holidays. This has proven to be very popular! Please email or phone for more details.

Take care out there.

Regards Shane