Report for June 3rd 2007

Shane French /

June 3, 2007

Hi all,

Jack taken on the Tauranga TaupoI did a number of rivers with my son Steven today, starting at the Tauranga Taupo at 9.00am. The river level readings is not working at the moment on all web sites,(no idea why), but I noticed the Tongariro had risen a little and so thought the TT might have as well. By the looks of things it might have gone up to about .450, and there were certainly fish in the river, however angling pressure was high and so we high tailed it back down to the car park after Steven landed this sweet little Jack.

Didymo cleaning station at the Tauranga Taupo car park.As you all know Didymo is in our country, and we are trying to keep it out of the North Island. When you see one of these Didymo cleaning stations please give your waders, nets, and line a good clean. Anything you can do to help keep this stuff out is much appreciated.

Nice little stretch on the WaimarinoFrom there we shot down to the Waimarino to fish a stretch of water that has been good to me there. It wasn’t great today with the water being a little lower than I suspected and dropping quickly. Still A nice piece of water and no other anglers on there either.

Nice stretch of water on the WaiotakaWe decided to fish the Waiotaka after that as I hadn’t been in there for a wee while and Steven has never been there. I dropped a VERY good fish in a deep short pool. I should have gone up in line strength but was too lazy to change rigs and paid the price as this beast of a fish aimed for the biggest snag in the vicinity and wrapped me. This small stream is not the easiest to fish and has limited water as well but gets a good run of Trout when the level increases with rain.


One from around the Admirals pool sectionFrom there we shot down to the Tongariro, and poached on some of Ross from the Tongariro River Motel’s water. I lengthened my leader threw on some more weight and scored on my second drift.



In the net “Oh yeah”Landing this over energetic Jack was a little hard due to the possition I was in and the fact that I had on a 10.5 foot leader, but it came to the net in the end and then the camera ran out of batteries!!!!!



I landed two other nice fish as well from this stretch and then we decided to call it a day with a duck into Burger King on the way home. My opinion of the fishing at the moment is…… There are certainly fish in the Waitahanui, Tauranga Taupo and the Tongariro. The Hinemaiaia and the Waimarino and Waiotaka are still hard going due to LOW water conditions. The next good bit of rain we get on these these smaller rivers should see good runs go through. I took all my fish on a Champagne Orange dot Glow Bug today fished under a size 14 Dutch CDC. I increased weight when needed with split shot and if you are on the Tongariro don’t forget to lengthen that leader when in deep water. These fish are close to the bottom!!

I hope everyone has had a safe weekend on the roads and have lots of fishy stories and a few lies to tell about back at work Tuesday.


Take care

Regards Shane