Report for June 5th 2007

Shane French /

June 5, 2007

Hey all,

Nice and earlyUp early this morning and out with good friend Trevor to reek havoc on Taupo’s trout population. We started on the Hinemaiaia and took ten nice fresh fish down from the bridge. That combo colored Glo bug that I keep mentioning ,really is the ducks nuts first thing in the morning.

Hinemaiaia HenMost of the fish we landed were in good nick but on the smaller side, this river has not had the bigger fish go through yet.

Small Waimarino HenFrom there we shot down to the Waimarino for a quick look see and pulled two very fresh fish out of there. Trevor dropped a very nice freshy that would have gone six pounds and just would not come to the bank.

Top end of Cattle RustlersWe cleaned our gear down and then shot off to the Tongariro to slay them there. Well that was the plan anyway. Ross from the Tongariro river Motel must have been in there thrashing the water as we got skunked. We both dropped a good fish each but that was it and we fished for 4 hours solid. At one point we looked down from Red Hut Bridge and spotted 15 good sized fish, the pulse quickened and we almost ran down to the water, well Trevor did I was much more dignified in my approach! We must have been there for well over one hour for one hook up. We tried everything, Longer leaders, smaller flies, less weight, more weight, yarddy yarddy yarder!!!! NOTHING. From there we drove to Cattle Rustlers and man were there some fish in that pool! Yip you guessed it Zip Nadda Nothing. I guess the beating they got over the weekend has put them off a little and man how frustrating that is.

Bottom reaches Tongariro RiverI decided to show Trevor some new water in the lower section and to end the day there, hoping like hell that some fresh trout had moved in with the weather and we might end our hard day on the Tongariro with a fish or two. In hind sight we should have come back to some decent water like the Waitahanui. Trevor lost three sets of gear in three casts and I forgot to duck after the chuck and ended up with split shot in the back of my head, (hate that). So we reeled in and drove home to a hot shower.

We have a little rain here at the moment but quite a good Westerly blow coming in. I am sure there will be fish in the Waitahanui by now.

Hope you all enjoyed your day back at work,(smile)

Regards Shane