Report for May 10th 2007

Shane French /

May 10, 2007

Brett making a hash of releasing a fish!!Hi all,

I seem to be getting over the flu I have had for the past three days and so managed a afternoon out on the Hinemaiaia this afternoon with my friend Brett. The original plan was to shoot down to the Tongariro and show Ross Baker how to catch fish in his own back yard as he seems to only be taking photo’s of trees at the moment!!! But as the Hine is clossing off at the end of this month we decided to head up there.

dscf1066.JPGOnce up there we pulled a trout from the first pool we came to in the middle section but then struggled in the next few pools. We decided to foot it back to the car and drive up above the cliff pool and see what was up there. Brett hooked into a fresh looking fish straight away and dropped it when it screamed downstream. The Hinemaiaia is one of Brett’s favorite rivers in the Taupo fishery and I have to admit he knows his stuff on it.

Beautiful back drop on the Hinemaiaia.We picked up five fish on the way up the pools but apart from that it was tough going, Brett took his on a hair and copper that he swears by in this river and mine were on a red tailed shaggy, I think a Glo bug took one fish.

A cold beautiful start to the day.The Waitahanui rip has gone quiet and although there were a few nice fish in the river yesterday and the day before it has become a little harder today according to a good fisherman staying with us. I smoked an eight pound Jack for Tony from Napier today, he pulled it from the upper reaches yesterday, what a great fish. we have had some cold mornings lately and we are due some rain and wind over the next 48 hours the Waitahanui should get a run of fish with the first decent blow we get.

Take care out there on the water.

Regards Shane