Report for May 20th 2007

Shane French /

May 20, 2007

Lower Waitahanui Just up from Fence PoolHi all

A funny day on the Waitahanui yesterday. I guided a German boy over here for a few months who had never picked up a rod, (of any sort) but who’s uncle wanted him to experience the joy of Fly Fishing. After an hour or so of tuition we slowly moved our way up the river. The anglers in front of us all reported good numbers of fish in the system and certainly the one fish we got onto was a “thumper”, probably going 5.5 pounds or more. Remember when these fresh run fish want to run, let them, keep the rod tip up, have your drag set enough to make them work at taking line and don’t hold the reel!!!

Just down from Washerwomans, Middle reaches Waitahanui RiverWe spotted two HUGE fish, one that would have gone over ten pounds from the top of little cliff. It was one of those fish that takes your breath away when you see it. The middle section has more fish in it than this time last year and some of them are GOOD trout.

Small hen taken in the Waimarino todayI shot back out for myself later in the afternoon and picked up a few of these little fellas. I briefly had on a very good fish in little cliff that left me pondering if it was the” BIG ONE”. By this stage however I was using a very long leader and had to walk backwards fast to take up the slack in the line, one or two head shakes a BIG flash of white and it was gone.

The forecast is for some rain, (yippy) and wind with it. This should push some fish into the systems of Taupo. Bring it on!!!!

Regards Shane