Report for May 21st 2007

Shane French /

May 21, 2007

Hi all,

The rain we were meant to get last night and all today has just arrived,(it is 5.00pm), better late than never though in this case. The level on the Tauranga Taupo is starting to come up due to this. All the other rivers need a good flush as well.

Awsome run on the HinemaiaiaI fished the Hinemaiaia this morning for a few hours. I fished a section that i hadn’t really looked at before and that compleats the river for me now. As usual on the Hinemaiaia I found some stunning water and for the first few hours it was all on. In one stretch alone I pulled six fat little hens all around 3.5 pounds. I haven’t pulled anything over 5 pounds from this river so far this season.

Great little Jack from the HineI had been told yesterday by two very good Auckland anglers staying at the Lodge to try a straight red Glowie on there. It definatly worked this morning for me. These fish although not big fight like their lives depend on it, (smile). This particular one just went mental, leaping in the air, coming straight at me then zooming away at Mac 10. It took at least 40 seconds to get it under control!!

A good accurate cast is needed hereI have found that a lot of fish in the later part of the day sit in tight little places like this. No overhead cast is available and it is nasty on both sides. I use a waterload in tight spots like this and if needed a single haul with my left hand just as I start the load. It really is a fantastic casting maneuver for little spots like this. I dropped the biggest fish of the morning from here.


The Waitahanui had a small group of fresh fish in the lower pools this morning. We have two American guy’s staying with us at the moment who shot in there early and managed two each, all silver little bullets.

I am guiding tomorrow for the day and we are doing a few rivers so will report back tomorrow night. Until then….


Regards Shane