report for Monday the 28th of May 2007

Shane French /

May 28, 2007

Hi all,

To start with, a big thanks to all the readers. Today we cracked a 1000 unique visitors for the first time, I appreciate your following of my web site. Now back to fishing!

Fresh but a little thin in the tail section!I walked the lower and middle section of the Waitahanui this morning picking up a few fish like the one in the photo. These are fresh from the lake but a wee bit thin through the tail section. All the fish taken today fought very well but were released due to the thin tail factor. I took three on the Smoots Bloody Mary but all the rest took a #12 Champagne Orange dot glowie. First thing in the morning on the Waitahanui is producing some fish with things getting a lot harder once the sun hits the water. It is very clear at the moment.

Sunrise , looking back from the LakeThe Hinemaiaia rip fished well first thing this morning with a few nice fish taken. The river is still getting a steady trickle of fresh fish going through but we need some COLD mornings to really kick this river off. I could say the same for the Waitahanui as well. Pressure on the Hinemaiaia has been quite high all this week, due to the upper section shutting off from Friday,(sob sob).

A fine sunset looking out from the LodgeThe place to be from reports in, is the Tongariro. All sections have fish holding in them, with some very nice trout coming out.

Fire in the sky, just on dusk, from the LodgeWe are not due any rain or wind now for a few days, however the mornings should be cold due to clear skies. It will be interesting to see if the cold brings on a run or two.

This view and a good glass of wine what more could you ask for, except maybe a trout!The last couple of Photo’s are of the beautiful sun sets we get looking out from the Waitahanui Lodge. This is a great place to watch the day end, while enjoying a good glass of wine or a cold beer. If you have not stayed with us before check out our accommodation page on this web site.

Take care out there on the water.

Regards Shane