Report for Monday the 30th April 2007

Shane French /

April 30, 2007

I was up early this morning and shot down to the Tongariro as a friend wanted to show me some “special ” water, and just to make things interesting we wet lined it! If you have never given this style of fishing a go on this great piece of water then I fully recommend you do so. Using a Red Rabbit in size 6 I managed to drop five good fish one after another landing one silver little bullet. Just as Wayne was going to take a photo of me with it, the stroppy little sod kicked out and swam away. It seemed there were few fish in the section we fished apart from the one spot but it was great fun and nice fishing in the steady rain that fell today. I was using a full bobied type 4 sinking line and it did the trick well.

Wayne had fished the mouth of the Tauranga Taupo from 5 in the morning for one small touch. There was next to no flow at that time. I see on the flow chart that it has climbed to .300, still not great but on the way up anyway.

The Waitahanui had a few fish go through this afternoon, but the river mouth has been very quiet over the past few days.

Ross Baker from the Tongariro River Motel came down to the Waitahanui yesterday and tried to catch some real fish. The photo on his web site looks like he has hooked up, but if you look closely you can almost see the line tangled in his walking frame!! To visit his site check out

We are due a heap more rain on Wednesday and this will put some fish into those rivers begging for more water. This weekend should be a good one.

Take care

Regards Shane