Report for Sunday the 15th 2007

Shane French /

April 15, 2007

Steven hooked up in the Pig Pool.A mixed bag this weekend with a few fish in the Waitahanui but moving through very fast. If you were in the right spot at the right time then it was all on, otherwise you might have struggled. There was a good run of big Jacks in the river late Saturday but they were hard to get onto, the river is fairly low and gin clear so all fish were a bit spooky. There are a hell of a lot of Browns in the river as well, some of these are built like frieght trains I fished the pig pool Saturday morning with Steven my Son, he hooked into a horse of a fish on his third drift and gave it his all, like so many big fish hooked in this pool it decided to take off around the corner and busted off!!!

Brett with the first of two beautiful 6 pounders.Today I went out with good friend and Fellow guide Brett from CPF Guiding, (yes the hand behind the video). I have had the upper hand a few times on the river with Brett, kicking his arse here and there on all sorts of water, well today it was his turn and he did it in style. He picked up this first jack after putting in a great drift in a difficult spot and then picked up the second fish on the next drift.

Second great fish taken by BrettIt was a great weekend on the river and there are still some great fish in there. Most of my fish this weekend were taken on Glo Bugs but are few fell to Naturals including one of Bretts Jacks. It pays to have at least one on especially in the afternoon.

Tight Lines to all

Regards Shane