Report for the 01st of June 2007

Shane French /

July 1, 2007

Hey all,

If you were smart and you wanted to catch trout today then you would have hopped into one of the rips around the lake. I fished a number of them early this morning up to 11 am and pulled fish from them all. The clean water on the side is a good bet, although the Hinemaiaia had them in the coloured water. Heave and Leaves in dark colours did the trick for me today. Some of these fish were BIG with a good mixture of Jacks and Hens throughout the morning. When the rivers clear we should have some great fishing ahead of us.

From the Mother of all KouraI found this Koura’s claw on the Tauranga Taupo lake front. What a mother of a Koura it must have been as well, no wonder some of these fish are huge. That is a Genesis Large arbor reel it is up against!!

Take care on the roads

Regards Shane