Report for the 12th of July 2007

Shane French /

July 12, 2007

Hey All

Sorry for the lack of reports over the past few days. The Lodge has had my attention and there has been very little time for fishing, (sigh). Lesley has just purchased a new business that she is running from the lodge, it is to do with scrap booking. This is quite an arty thing and many ladies are getting into it in a big way. It may be a way of getting down here to fish. Push the “hey you can scrap to your harts content and I will go fishing”routine. Anyway it is available to all guests staying here.


All the rivers have fished well over the past few days. I have had excellent reports in from the Tongariro on fish quantity, but a few saying the quality was a bit poor, (again). I certainly believe the size and condition has dropped. Yes we are still getting the odd good group of fish coming through, but there are more crappy fish in there than years gone by. Remember small fish will breed small fish, that is why Fish and game stock the Rotorua Lakes with “R” type fish!!!! There was also a complaint about some mad bastard with a new camera harassing fisherman on this piece of water.

The Tauranga Taupo has fished brilliantly over the past four days but has been pummeled. It seems like it has handled the pressure though as there are still good reports coming from there.

The Hinemaiaia is still producing fish. The water level has been up all week and this really does help here. A report in of a few GOOD fish over 7.5 pounds have come out over the past few days.

The Waitahanui finally got off its arse and produced some nice fish this week. It has had a fair amount of pressure though being so close to the Taupo center. The problem that was brewing up Blake Road has not amounted to anything and I am happy to tell people to fish the top pools. Be polite at all times and remember you do have to cross over private land, so be respectful of this!

I have had NO reports in from the rips and so will have to do a few hours out there over the next couple of days, oh what a shame.

Take care out there

Regards Shane