Report for the 12th of June 2007

Shane French /

June 13, 2007

Hey all

I had a big day guiding today, taking out three American guy’s staying at the lodge early this morning and then their three wives this afternoon. None of them had ever picked up a fly rod before.dscf1171.JPG

We drove to the Waimarino this morning and dropped four fish there. The water is a little on the low side but fish are holding in the pocket water, a bit on the spooky side though. From there we came back to the Waitahanui and did the upper pools drooping a very good fish in snag bend. What a fish it was too! So the guy’s came back to the lodge not so confident that they could beat the woman. I had a cunning plan as well!!

dscf1172.JPGI showed them the basics of Nymphing and they did very well, water loading, mending and line control, man could they giggle. After making them walk around a little bit in the neoprenes I shot them over to the Hinemaiaia rip and plonked them in there using champagne orange dot heave and leaves. We watched a beautiful sun set and then at 4.45 pm all hell broke loose with all three of the girls hooking up within minutes of each other. The guide had his work cut out for him then believe me! All three Trout were landed though and released after a quick photo session. They were JUST legal but gave very good fights all the same. I have three very excited ladies staying here at the moment and three not so happy husbands.

A great day on the water.

Regards Shane