Report for the 13th of July

Shane French /

July 13, 2007

Hey all,

The Waitahanui river is a bit up and down at the moment. Yesterday afternoon I took a client into the lower reaches where we pulled fish from most of the pools. We dropped a good jack but apart from that all the fish were pretty mediocre. We did a few of the upper pools and apart from taking one spent fish, it was fairly hard going up there. We were the only fishermen there as well! Shock horror, I used a natural and slayed them on it. Join our forum and see what it was, (hehe).

This morning after doing all my chores, (yes I now have chores) I walked the lower reaches of the Waitahanui again. I picked up one little Hen in the first pool I fished but then didn’t fish again untill the Fence Pool. I didn’t get anything here. Joe from Auckland had just released a nice Jack, further up by Hut reach. Reports in, are that the middle reaches have fish throughout, and although the upper pools were a little hard, the fish coming out are by far the best in the Taupo district at this time. The Hinemaiaia is a close second, although is fishing better!!!

The Tauranga Taupo has had a wonderful week, although the wind earlier caused all sorts of headaches. It will be a beautiful day on there today! I know you will all be doing it, but defiantly have on a small natural above the cliff pool. Although after yesterday on the Waitahanui, I might have one on all the time! The TT has awesome water, as I keep harping on about. So saying I will do a Tauranga Taupo Half day guide for $250 plus a free nights accommodation.

The Tongariro is apparently full of fish, or sections will be anyway. Move around if you are not getting onto them, and remember to take your sink tip leaders for those fish that have seen too many Nymphs drift pass them and want something a little more filling. Green Woolly buggers are taking lots of fish at the moment wet lining. A friend of mine, (yes I do have them) pulled twelve earlier in the week from the Tongas and NONE of them were keepable, (what is going on here DOC). He then went back the next day and pulled seven beauties out. HMMMMM food for thought, i’ll keep you posted on the condition of the trout over the next few months.

The Hinemaiaia has been fishing well. The pressure has dropped a bit from anglers and for that reason i believe the fish will move slower through these lower pools. I have a group of Auckland fisherman coming into the shop at the moment who are staying at Hatepe. All wet line and all have taken good fish over the past couple of days. Good to see the Hinemaiaia fishing well! The fact most of it’s water is cut off at peak spawning times must have a huge impact on returning fish numbers.

I hope you all have a great safe weekend. Thank you for your support through the shop and lodge over the holidays it has been a pleasure to meet you all.

Regards Shane