Report for the 15th july 2007

Shane French /

July 15, 2007

Hey all,

A very cold start to the morning today with -3 at the lodge.

The Waitahanui has become very hard with very few fish going through. The upper section seems to have a few but they are moving through fast. Gordon Williams has shallowed up on the true right but has made the true left deeper with a nice little piece of slack water off to the side, very yummy! By the way, I have not seen a person up there in the way of trouble makers. This situation once again has been BLOWN way out of proportion. It is safe in my opinion.

The Hinemaiaia has become a bit harder as well although first thing in the morning a few fish are coming out.

The Tauranga Taupo defiantly has hardened up. Two good reports in this afternoon suggest the fish have moved up past Rangers. The next lot of rain is on the way and so this river might pick up again then.

The Tongariro has to be your best bet at the moment(again) if you want some decent fishing. It has had a brilliant season so far, even if most of the fish are small and feisty.

Take care