Report for the 17th July 2007

Shane French /

July 17, 2007

Hey all

I fished with Russell from Auckland today. The plan was to catch trout not just learn water and techniques. So for this reason the Tongariro was our target. If we had received the rain we were supposed to get then maybe the Tauranga Taupo would have been easier but the weather forecasters muffed up!!!!!!!!!!

Beautiful water on the TongariroWe drove to Red Hut and walked up from there. I have a number of spots around Boulder reach that get very little angling pressure and are quite productive. There seem to be plenty of fish through this section but once again the quality is poor. Yes there are some good fish in there, we dropped a beauty straight up but the ones we landed were just legal and not in great condition either. Both Glo bugs and Naturals did the trick today.

Small little hen from the TonagriroI almost expected Ross baker from the Tongariro River Motel to jump out of the bushes wearing nothing but a trench coat and a smile to take photos of us with his NEW camera. However I believe he was getting ready for the annual over nineties moped race, (smile).

On the way back we popped into the Hinemaiaia and dropped a very good fish just down from the straight. It seems the Hine is still fishing quite well even with the lower water levels. There was certainly very little pressure anyway which is always nice.

Regards Shane