Report for the 19th July 2007

Shane French /

July 19, 2007

Hey all.

I was ordered, (yes ordered) to go out and catch a Trout for tea this morning. Man do I not need to be asked twice on that one!!

The one river at the moment which seems to be holding and receiving fresh fish is the Tongariro and so that is where I headed.

Great piece of water down from Boulder ReachI was the first car at Red Hut and managed to pull two small fish from the fast water below the bridge. I then hiked upstream and fished a nice piece of water down stream from boulder reach. I found the Jacks to be at the tail of the pools with the hens at the top. All the Jacks took the Glo bugs while I found most of the Hens took the Natural fly. I was using three flies all morning.

Small Jack!!I have to say the condition of these fish is not great at the moment. This spawning Jack would have been a mere 1.5 pounds. I wouldn’t want him to fertilize my eggs, (if I had eggs that is). Small trout breed small trout and this fella was tiny!! I drop a nice fish that really took off, there was no way of stopping it and as I was using 6 pound, when it hit the fast water, it was all over. Out of the 15 or so fish that I hooked up on today this was the only decent one amongst them, and I dropped it!!!!!!!

Thin and spawning!!!There are certainly good stocks of trout in the Tongariro at the moment taking both Glo Bugs and Naturals but by far the majority of these are under conditioned uglies. Talking to a few locals on the river and from emails in to me, I am not the only one landing these smaller fish. August is normally a good month for the Tongariro and some say the big fish move in then, we will have to wait and see. Ross will have to scuttle down to the Waitahanui river for some decent looking fish!!!

I ended up taking home a 4 pound Hen that was not to fat with eggs. On the way home someone was fighting what looked like a good fish from below the main road bridge. There were 12 or so cars at the Tauranga Taupo car park, and no one fishing the Hinemaiaia.

We have steady rain here at the Waitahanui with heavy falls tomorrow and the next day as well. The Waitahanui could certainly do with some extra flow.

Regards Shane