Report for the 19th june 2007

Shane French /

June 20, 2007

Hey all.

A cold start to the dayI fished the Tongariro with a customer from Auckland yesterday. The object was to show him some wet lining techniques and also a bit of the river, hopefully picking up a fish or two on the way. A very cold start to the day -4 at the bottom of Hatepe hill and -3 at the Tongariro river by 7.00 am. BRRRRRRRRRRR, I was happy not to hold wet line that is for sure!!! On our second cast we came up hard against a fish that felt like a snag, one hell of a good run into the middle of the pool and it was gone. A good start and a good wake up call as well. Those first few casts into a fresh pool in the morning are the most productive that is for sure,(unless fresh fish are moving through).

Ice in the rod guides and reels frozen solid. bring on the cold!We moved steadily down stream trying all my favourite spots that have produced over the past month. We hooked into a beautiful fish at one stage that tore all the slack line off the water but when it came up hard on the reel it busted off. The reason was the reel had FROZEN solid and would not let line out!!!!!!! A few laughs were had but it sure was a good reminder of how cold the morning was.


Regards Shane