Report for the 1st of June 2007

Shane French /

June 1, 2007

Hi all,

Still very tough out there on the water. I fished the Waimarino first up this morning and got skunked well and truly. It is LOW and CLEAR! One pool that I fish had Trout moving around in it but they were awfully spooky and didn’t want a barr of us. We then moved down to the Tauranga Taupo where we dropped one good fish in the lower pools, but again low and clear. By the time we left there were six cars in the car park! From there we shot into the Waitahanui and dropped one on our first drift and then picked up another which we landed further up the river. There were a few around Reids and Stones as well.

When I got home there was a friend in the shop who said that the Hinemaiaia had fished badly all the way from the lake up to the bridge!

We are due some wind and rain over the next few days and so hopefully this may improve things, keep your fingers crossed that the foul weather gets here, (sorry holiday makers).

Take care on the roads while travelling today and tomorrow.

Regards Shane