Report for the 23rd July

Shane French /

July 21, 2007

Hey all,

We have steady rain at the moment which should help all the rivers. The Hine in the morning will definatly have some fresh fish in it. If the water has some colour try a size 12 Orange Champagne dot Glowie. This is a wonderful colour at this time of year on this river.

I guided on the Waitahanui yesterday morning pulling 4 fish in the lower reaches. They were all put back due to lack of condition although my client who had never picked up a fly rod was very happy with the results. It is a great feeling being able to guide new beginners to this sport. There seem to be a few fish scattered through the Waitahanui at the moment. There have been no reports of any problems in the upper section as well, please feel free to drop by and ask either Lesley or myself for an update on this.

With the rain that we have the Tauranga Taupo will have a few fish go through as well.

I heard Ross from the Tongariro river Motel almost caught a Trout the other day!! Check out his very informative site at

Take care out there on the roads and on the water.

Regards Shane