Report for the 23rd June 2007

Shane French /

June 23, 2007

Hey all

Ok it can stop blowing now!! Man the wind is unbelievable at the moment. we have the odd scattered shower coming through as well but they are being blown through fairly fast. Wind blowing South West.

I shot into the Waitahanui this morning and picked up one small Hen that was put back. There were sooooooo many anglers on the water I had to walk to the cliff pool before I could get in. Not many fish were taken which is a little strange considering the water had good colour and the WIND,(did I mention the wind!) . There are some good fish being pulled out though as they trickle through the system. It seems the middle reaches are holding a few at the moment.

The Hine finaly had a good run go through this morning as well by the sounds of it, with most anglers on the lower section hooking up. Good to hear.

The Tauranga Taupo is perfect at the moment and would be my pick of places to be, although that wind may cause a few problems for casting. Try that water load guy’s, it will save you a smack in the back of the head!

The Tongariro sounded like it was almost too coloured up for Nymphing today but I am sure the wet liners would have pulled a few. Big Green Woolly Buggers and Red Setters might be worth a go when the water is like that. The flow looks like it has come down a little and tomorrow will be a great day on this river.

Regards Shane