Report for the 25th June 2007

Shane French /

June 25, 2007

Hey All

dscf1189.JPGIt looks like all the foul weather that has hit this part of the country,(and the rest) has finally kicked ALL the rivers into gear. We have a little more rain in the forecast for tonight as well, this should boost all the rivers and hopefully drive more fish up them.

Nice Jack HinemaiaiaI fished a few rivers this morning with Balt from Auckland, who has been staying at the lodge for a few days. We started at the Hinemaiaia nice and early. This river has certainly kicked into gear with the cold and rain. I started by the car park area but then decided to walk down to the rock wall and work my way back upstream. There were heaps of anglers on the water by 7.30am. Word is out!!!

Jack a bit thin in the tailI got into a small group of Jacks to start with. These gave a good account of themselves although two of them were quite skinny in the tail section while being very silver. Not too sure why this is but they went back to do their thing. All the Hine Fish were taken on a Champagne Red Dot glowie.

Nice little hen taken Down Stream NymphingI took two fresh Hens down the bottom of the rock wall by using down stream nymphing methods. This is really effective and can be used in a pool that you don’t want to wade down below the main pool. Stand above, cast across the current, throw in some line behind the indicator then let it drift down through the pool. I have shown this technique to many of my clients and some of them have really excelled with it. Good to have up your sleeve!

Balt with Waimarino JackFrom there I dragged Balt away from his favorite hole and drove down to the Waimarino. This a little harder today as the water level had dropped and the fish had moved up. We had the place to ourselves anyway and that was a big plus. Balt lost two nice fish before landing this Jack in full spawning colours. Man what a fight it was too.

So there you have it guy’s, heaps of fish in the systems, all you have to do is get here!

Regards Shane