Report for the 26th of June 2007

Shane French /

June 26, 2007

Hey all

Cold start on the Waitahanui RiverI shot into the Waitahanui river this morning, wow was it cold!! I had to defrost my rod and reel over and over as the ice kept building up on it.

Fat Jack Waitahanui RiverI picked up three in quick succession around the cliff pool before moving further down to the Fence pool. This has been a great producer this season but i have found they are only holding in one particular spot. On my first cast the indicator twitched and so on the second cast I was ready to strike. The indicator sank, I raised the rod tip and all hell broke loose. The end result was this FAT Jack of 4.5 pounds. It swam away the second it touched the water after the photo session.

From there I drove up to Blake road and parked under the power lines. The sign saying Tribal land only has been taken down, (we don’t know why) please park under the power lines as normal to avoid any confrontation. ANYWAY!!!!!

Great fight from a great JackI dropped a beauty in the swirl pool that just smoked me with no regard what so ever for the fact I was using 8 pound Fluro and my spare Innovation 8#. I bet it is still running into the lake. I hooked the 6 pound Jack in the photo just up from Reids. You can tell a good fish by the weight soon after hook up and this felt heavy. I landed it down by Stones!! That is about 100 meters downstream through some fairly gnarley water. I gave this one the last rites with my priest as Lesley wanted a good fish for dinner. The flesh when I opened it was SOOOOO red. It is being turned into smoked Trout pasta as I type.

The Waitahanui seems to have a few fish in it now, and by all accounts they are better than the other rivers I have fished over the past week. If you are not getting strikes then i suggest you move on and try to find them. Peachy champagne glo bugs did all the damage this morning.

Take care out there on the roads, That frost is plain nasty.

Regards Shane