Report for the 2nd of May 2007

Shane French /

May 2, 2007

3 pound hen taken on the Tauranga Taupo this afternoonI went for a drive over the Tauranaga Taupo this afternoon, getting there at 12.30 pm, there were 8 cars in the car park. The water level had come back down from.900 very fast and I expected a few fish to be in the middle section. I started fishing as soon as I hit the water and made my way up to the rock wall picking up fish consistently. There are a whole heap of hens in there around the 3 to 3.5 pound mark, although a little on the small side man are they grumpy little things once hooked.

Waiotaka JackFrom there I moved down to the Waiotaka to have a look at a few pools there. This is a snaggy little river and has changed since the last time I fished it. There are fish in there, I picked up this nice Jack and ended up knocking it on the head as well. I lost a bit of gear on here and need to do a full recky when the water level drops, challenging fishing anyway.

From there I moved down to the Tongariro where I got skunked!! The water colour was perfect but the river was rising and I am a firm believer a rising river does not fiah at its best. Thats my excuse!! If we don’t get too much more rain overnight this system will be great tomorrow.

We have a wee bit of a blow coming in at the moment, NW but it is not meant to turn into too much. Tomorrow the wind is meant to turn SW for the morning and we are going to get a little more rain as well. There will be fish in the Waitahanui by Friday.

Take care out there.

Regards Shane