Report for the 3rd July 2007

Shane French /

July 3, 2007

Hey all,

5.5 pound of mean Waitahanui HenMan we had some rain yesterday and again early this morning. I fished the Waitahanui this morning with John from Auckland. The plan was to get a new objective on the river and it’s pools, fish were always second in the whole picture. I used darker coloured glo bugs today due to the colour of the water. It was near perfect and has risen a few inches as well. We picked up some good fish in the lower reaches before making our way into the middle section. We picked up the 5.5 pound Hen in the later section, what a fight it was too. We kept one fish for the smoker and released all the rest. There seems to be a good run of Hens in the water at the moment, all fresh and nasty.

The other rivers look like they are going to stay up for a few days and so the Hine and the Waitahanui may get a BIT of pressure. once these other rivers drop a bit (or a lot) then there will be some awsome action to be had throughout Taupo. Can you get here to appreciate it!!

Regards Shane