report for the 4th of July 2007

Shane French /

July 4, 2007

Hey all.

Yes I know i have to change the front cover report, but thanks for the many reminders,(smile).

I didn’t get out today as the Waitahanui lodge had my attention all day, yes I was grounded again.

From all accounts winter has kicked off in the Waitahanui. It is receiving a fair bit of pressure due to the other rivers still being up but there are plenty of fresh run Trout in there at the moment.

Sorry to say Waitahanui Fisherman but the trouble that occasionally raises it’s head on the upper section of this beautiful River has rises again. The sign that had been placed there, to stop unauthorized vehicles has been cut down and a gate installed. DOC are aware of this problem and are working with different organizations to solve it. In the mean time you ARE allowed access up there, (legally) but whether you want to is another question. The group responsible are fairly serious at the moment. There are no problems on the lower and middle sections.

Take care