Report for Thursday the 17th May 2007

Shane French /

May 17, 2007

Nice little hen taken this morningHi all

A big day on the water today. I was up early and did all the lower pools of the Waitahanui. I picked up a few fish in the lower section and then moved through into the middle section. I fished from the Crescent down. I picked up fish in Little Cliff and Washerwomans but that was it. It seems the fish are coming into the lower reaches but then some of them are swimming back out into the lake. It may be to the low water conditions or the thrashing those first few pools are receiving but it has been noticed that they are going back out into the lake. A little rain would be nice!

Small hen taken in the Waimarino todayThis afternoon i shot down to the Waimarino to do some scouting for the upcoming season. I had been informed that a few of the deep holding pools had been ruined by the December floods that came through. The river has certainly changed but not all for the worst.

Deep little pools like this should be exploredIf you have not fished the Waimarino then you should defiantly put it on your to do list. It is pocket water fishing for the most part but set in some excellent scenery and for the most part you will have the place to yourself. it does pay to watch where you place your flies though as it can be on the snaggy side of things.

Great run in some fantastic sceneryFor the best results in the Waimarino try to fish it after a good down fall of rain has gone through and the level is up. It sort of comes from the same catchment as the Tauranga Taupo and so you can check out the flow from that river site. When the water level is up runs like in this photo can be devastatingly good.

Orange/Flame/Champagne GloBug from tight lines a killerI said in yesterdays report that I had been using a deadly fly. Man did I get some mail over that one! here it is, a little on the bright side but that makes it a killer in the morning and when the water colour is on the dark side. They are available in most good fly shops including mine.

Temple Fork rodsI have added a product review as well. This time being on a fly rod that I am using at the moment and have sold a few of as well. The temple Fork from Feather merchants. If you are looking for an excellent rod at a great price check this out.

Pistachio-Crusted Trout FilletsI have also added a new recipe to that page. Pistachio-Crusted Trout Fillets. I have to say this is the best way I have ever eaten Trout. Give it a go guy’, you never know, you might be aloud out more often.

There are fish in most of the systems, I am sure the Tauranaga Taupo has them going in as well, although with the low water conditions it will be hard to get onto them, first thing in the morning would be best. The wind that is blowing in at the moment is due to ease tomorrow and with the new moon on us some night fishing may be worth a go.

Thanks for all the support we are getting through the Web Site, It is always excellent to get feed back.

Regards Shane