Report for Tuesday 22nd 2007

Shane French /

May 22, 2007

A beautiful sight first thing in the morning!,(the fish)I have had a great day on the rivers today guiding two Americans staying at the Lodge. First up was the Hinemaiaia and we nailed them in the first pool we stepped into, landing four and being broken off by a further two good fish. We used the size 10 Flame,Fluro orange and Champagne Dot Glow Bugs first thing in the morning, these are slaying the fish in the dim light. We did a quick move around on some of the other pools dropping a very good fish but it seemed a little quiet. The only other fisherman on the water had been skunked.

Great five pounder from the WaimarinoFrom there we scuttled off down to the Waimarino as I noticed that the level for the Tauranga Taupo had risen to almost six and then dropped down to about 5. The Waimarino is in the same catchment and so I thought there might be some fish there but less fishermen. I was right,(yes it does happen). We steadily pulled fish as we moved up the river, fishing little pockets of water that I knew from my previous trip, were snag free.

A fine fish from the WaimarinoBy this stage we had landed nine good fish and dropped just as many, including something that smashed the indicator sideways and then took off like the proverbial fright train. Although it would have been nice to see the size of it, not knowing and leaving us guessing was almost as enjoyable, (almost!!).

Shane with a very fat Tauranga Taupo HenOur last river was to be the Tauranga taupo.Fish from three different rivers in one day is not an easy feat but the boys were more than up to it and so off we trudged. It wasn’t long before we were into them again. This time they all took a Champagne red dot glow bug, ignoring everything else.

All in all a very good day on the water. Shane’s Dad Eric is now thinking of moving to Taupo just for the fishing.

Regards Shane