Report for Wednesday 18th 2007

Shane French /

April 18, 2007

Bill very happy with a great 6.5 pound fresh run HenI guided this morning with Bill and Richard from Australia, they are staying at the lodge over the next week and thought they would get the low down on the Waitahanui river. We started off low this morning due to all the wind last night.

There were a few fresh trout in the first three hundred meters of water but by the time we reached the Cliff pool the strikes had died off. On the way back down we tried one of the pools I thought might be holding some fish and landed this great 6.5 pound Hen. Since it was full of eggs we decided to put it back in hope of a nice Jack for the smoker. All fish this morning took Champagne Red Dot glo Bugs.

Richard after landing a nice Jack from the upper pools.From there we shot up to the top pools where we struggled a little only hooking up on the one Jack while I was demonstrating a roll cast in a tricky spot. I gave the rod the Richard who fought it brilliantly and had it on the bank quickly. We knocked this 4.5 pounder on the head and both Bill and Richard will be dinning on smoked Trout over the next few days. There are a few fish in the upper pools but they were fairly spooky in the clear conditions and first thing in the morning would be a good time to target them. I even had out the dreaded Dutch CDC and couldn’t pull them!!

The weather is meant to be calm over the next few days and all the rips should be worth a look at. Man do we need some rain in the Tauranga Taupo!!!

Take care out there and thank you for reading

Regards Shane