Report for Wednesday the 25th of April 2007

Shane French /

April 25, 2007

Hey all,

A very happy Richard with a great 5 pound HenI have had the pleasure to have two great guy’s stay at the lodge over the past ten days from Australia. Both Bill and Richard from Sydney are keen anglers and have fished their butts off while here in New Zealand. Richard while being a good angler and hooking up many times over this period had not landed a good fish as of this morning, ( they left today) and so I took them out for a quick friendly fish this morning. Man were there some people on the water today!!!!!! The picture says it all a beautiful 5 pound Hen that was played brilliantly all the way to the net from a difficult pool. Well done Richard you deserved this fish more than any angler I have seen.

Fishing is fairly tough. Small naturals may help in the afternoon when that bright ball of light is up and certainly light Fluro and longer leaders will help as well. Take care when moving in the water. Glo Bugs are taking fish in the morning, but certainly have on naturals in the afternoon.

The prize donated by feather Merchants a great fly box with some excellent looking fliesStephen with the trophy for the heaviest fish 5.13 pounds

Have I mentioned lately how much I hate computers!!!!!!

Good luck out there

Regards Shane