Report for Wednesday the 30th 2007

Shane French /

May 30, 2007

Happy Birthday Kotuku!! May the rest of your fishing years be filled with double figure fish and very few slabs to kill.

Hi all,

God Damn good weather is killing my fishing!!!

I fished the Hinemaiaia rip yesterday morning from 5.00am through to 7.30am when I dragged my frozen arse out of there to thaw out in the car before have a flick in the river. I dropped two good fish in a row at about 5.30 while using a Lumo Craigs Night time with Jungle Cock eyes. The second fish felt like a real honey as well but threw the hook after about a minute of screaming around the lake. I only fished the river for an hour but didn’t get a touch. I sulked home and went back to bed!.

The Waitahanui continues to be slow going and from reports in the rip is rather bad as well, with terrible flow and a rather tricky sandy lip. Take care if going out there without sussing it out, dropping over the lip is not recommended. An increase in water level might improve all this and by the looks of things this weekend at some stage we are going to get some wet stuff and a heap of wind to boot. Man there must be some fish holding off the front waiting to run.

A report in from the Tauranga taupo was that it was terribly hard with low clear conditions and with water that has been hammered by anglers over the past ten days. There were fish in there but VERY spooky. Tiny indicators and small naturals or micro glo bugs first thing in the morning should see you hooked up above the rock wall. A nice walk anyway!

I am out and about over the next few days and so might go show Ross from the Tongariro river motel how to fish his piece of water again. Visit his site at excellent reports on the Tongariro and local activities.

Take care out there

Regards Shane