Taupo Fishing Report for lake Taupo, The Taupo Rivers and Back Country Scene 19th Of January 2014

Shane French /

January 19, 2014


Hey all,

I am getting plenty of trout to smoke from the boaties on the water. All these fish have been in great condition with most of them having Orange to Red Flesh. The weather has had a little bit of play when it comes to the lake as the South Westerly’s have come in a few times. Good to see so many trout coming out of the lake.

IMG_3913As stated in my last report the Tongariro is the place to be. The recreational flushes helped bring a few of the Browns in and the pools and deep runs are slowly but surely filling up with big Diesels. With the warm weather we are having with the High over us, a dry in the faster water is fun for the Rainbows too. Make it big enough to float and see and you will be amazed at what pounces on it :) This might be short lived however as we are going to get rain next week.

As stated, Alex was away in his own little fishing world for a week and so I had to go it alone. Wednesday was a disaster as I chose the wrong river. I needed no wind and clear skies. It was like that in Taupo when I left but the weather was a bit different in the location I was in and it turned to custard on me. I had started late and so lost all interest in fishing and was home by 2.30. I decided that Thursday was not going to be like that and chosse a high probability piece of water to fish. This meant an early rise a wee drive and then a massive walk in. I was walking by 5.15 am and rigging up my Rod by 7.30, keen as mustard.

IMG_3903The first section of the beat was really slow. I tried all I had too. I picked up trout but the condition was not flash. Some of these guys are really going to have to feed hard out if they want to survive the winter. Then Bam it was like I walked into a different river. The trout were there in numbers and the condition picked up. By the time I finished the beat I was hooking into 6 and 7 pound trout.

I lost a spectacular Brown trout at the net after a huge battle. My 5# was under weight for the fighting conditions and landing area. I put too much pressure on him and the hook pulled. It actually came zinging back and hit me in face just to add injury to insult. The take was fast and the massive flash of Yellow and orange gave away its species. I watched it, (while rubbing my cheek) as it sat and sulked behind a rock. Fish of the day.

So make the most of the good weather as next week it is back to rain and wind as we have a tropical storm coming in from the North and few Lows heading up from the South. Tuesday looks like crap!!!

Enjoy it while you can.