Taupo Fishing Report for lake Taupo, The Taupo Rivers and Back Country Scene For The 24th Of January 2014

Shane French /

January 24, 2014


Hey all,

once again if you are after trout to take home, the Tongariro with its huge expanse of water is the River to be on. The Browns are moving in now on a regular basis and as the nights stay darker with the moon phase this will carry on. The Waitahanui has plenty of browns lurking in there too, check it out sometime if you just want a pleasant walk. Unlike the Tongariro browns the ones in the Waitahanui are much harder to take, they are more intelligent at this end of the lake.

The trout smoking from the boaties has died down with the God awful wind we have had this week. It looks like we are going to get rain for the long weekend but lets hope the wind stays away.

IMG_4020So on Thursday I shot into a river that I have kept tabs on for the past few years, ever since it got smashed by a flood just after Christmas a few years back. I fished it in July of last year and was happy with what I saw. The pools had deepened up again, (they filled in) and there were plenty of trout in the 4 pound mark to keep me happy. on that particular day I went quite far into the wilderness checking it all out. My hopes were high yesterday. I have been taking my meds so my knee was good to go and I was going to push hard to get into water untouched.

I was on the water by 5.45 and bush crashed my way down to the stream. The track I normally use had become very overgrown. I had my rod made up which really was a bad mistake :( The fact the track was overgrown made me hopeful that the river had not been hammered. Once on the river bank I took stock of the foot prints. It looked like a heard of anglers had gone through. So with that in mind I put my head down and walked to the first piece of water I had in mind. Once there I slowed the pace down a wee bit and started to fish the deep pools this river has to offer.

IMG_4008I was using a 3.8 ml Tungsten Hairy Reaper in Black and a Black Bodied Winged Reaper. It was still early and the Black does best in those light conditions. it didn’t take long before I was hooked into a very aggressive two pounder. This river is renowned for the fighting ability of these fish. If you hook into anything over 4 pounds you have one hell of a fight on your hands. As I was only taking small fish I decided to hoof it up again to see whether I could get onto a group of bigger fish.

IMG_3998After a good walk I was into a section of the river I had only been into twice before and so really slowed down and fished all the water hard. The trout were in all sorts of water, both fast and slow. By this time the Sun was up and so I had on a #14 Blue bodied Winged Reaper. This nymph is a killer with the Sun shinning. I was still only hitting fish in the two pound range and had given up on my hopes of a bigger trout. I was disappointed at that, as when this river loads up it can be spectacular fishing. however the flood it had those years ago really cleaned it out. I guess the positive out of all this, is the water, it is truly mesmerizing and when it does regain its fishing quality, it will be a joy to fish. As it was I hooked and released well of twenty or thirty 2 to 2.5 pound trout. Some of these fish fought like six pounders. The screaming runs and HIGH leaps they made bought a smile to my dial. Look at the width of this guy, he was a mini Whale!!!

I knew I was a fair way into new territory and so stopped fishing at 3.00 pm. I re a ranged my back pack, broke down my rod, had something to eat and walked the three hours out.

Tight lines for the weekend, I hope the Rain stays away for you.

Regards Shane