Taupo Fishing Report for lake Taupo, The Taupo Rivers and Back Country Scene

Shane French /

January 13, 2014



Hey all,

The Tongariro River is the place you will want to be, if you are after a trout for the table. They had another recreational release last Sunday and like the last one this will move some Browns and hopefully some Rainbows into the system. It needs a flush as those rocks are hideous to stand on. Paul and I fished it Sunday late morning and although we got skunked :( we did see some big shapes moving around in the depths. To be honest our hearts were not really in it and we could have tried harder. There seemed to be a few anglers in the town area so maybe that would have been a better place to try, although anyone who knows me understands my feeling about sharing water, so we stayed away from the crowds.

IMG_1402The Waitahanui is probably another choice for anglers. Slow and steady if you are going to fish this river. Dry and dropper should see you hooked up. Check out the new dropper, once I load it up onto the web site. This has taken heaps of fish for me over the past few weeks when I have used it. The small bead breaks the surface of the water nicely. It is tied onto a #14 Kamasan, they love em.

DSCF1734The temperature could do with a small turn up at the moment. Its stunting the dry fly action! I went to a favorite little stream with a friend on Friday. We started a little late but managed to pick up 6 nice trout. The bottom part of the river has some good nymphing water and Steve managed two fish with this style. I was frantically trying to land something on the dry and managed to hook and lose a good fish of about 5 pounds. I haven’t held onto a good fish with a dry fly all season, i’m out of practice and need to get it together fast. I changed Steve over to a dry half way up the beat and he immediately hooked into and landed a nice looking fish of about 4 pounds. he is camera shy and so we slipped it back into the water nice and fast to feed up, get fatter and wait for me in another month.

We are due for a big high to settle across the North Island. I hope this happens as I have Wednesday, Thursday and Friday to fish my heart out. Alex has gone bush for a week in the middle of know where and we are going to compare big fish stories and pics when he gets back on Saturday. I need hot weather for the rivers I am going to hit, so fingers crossed.

IMG_1424Hope you are all getting some fishing in. The report from the lake is that when you can get out there the fishing is great. Good numbers of Trout are being taken from all over the place.

Aussie Chris is once again coming over and staying at Hatepe, so the trout there will be getting a spanking. he has tied it in nicely with a new moon I see :)

Take care all.

Regards Shane